Bristol County Medical Society

Geoffrey R. Hamilton, MD​

​Peter A. Hollmann, MD


Norman M. Gordon, MD



Vice President
Christine Brousseau, MD, MPH
Obstetrics and Gynecology


Catherine Cummings, MD
Emergency Medicine

Thomas A. Bledsoe, MD
Internal Medicine

Kent County Medical Society

Councilor at Large

Patrick J. Sweeney, MD, PhD, MPH
Obstetrics and Gynecology​

Councilor at Large
Kenneth A. Williams, MD

Emergency Medicine

​​AMA Delegate
Alyn L. Adrain, MD

AMA Delegate 
Peter A. Hollmann, MD

AMA Alternate Delegate 
Sarah J. Fessler, MD
Family Medicine

Chair of the Public Laws Committee
Michael E. Migliori, MD


Pawtucket Medical Association


RI Psychiatric Society
Laura Stanton, MD​

American College of Cardiology, RI Chapter

RI Orthopedic Society

​Eric Walsh, MD

American Congress of Ob/Gyn, RI Section
Heather A. Smith, MD​

Chair, HealthCentric Advisors

Paul F. McKenney, MD

RI Thoracic Society

Rhode Island Medical Women's Association

Diane R. Siedlecki, MD

AMA Medical Student Delegation

​Ronald Akiki

Alec Kinczewski

Charlotte Lee

Kevin Tang

​​​​​​Immediate Past President

Bradley J. Collins, MD, FACP, FHM
Internal Medicine/ Hospital Medicine

Councilor at Large
Richard G. Bryan, MD, PhD


Councilor at Large
Roberto Ortiz, MD


Councilor at Large
Dieter Pohl, MD

Councilor at Large
Rachael A. Sullivan, MD
Plastic Surgery

RI Dermatological Society

Helena Kuhn, MD

Council (Includes members of the Board of Directors)

American College of Physicians, RI Chapter

Audrey Kupchan, MD​

RI Academy of Physician Assistants (Co-reps)

James Carney, PA

Raymond Cord, PA-C

More about RIMS Leadership and Constituents

RI Society of Pathologists

est. 1812

RI Radiology Society 

Jeffrey E. Silverstein, MD

Washington County Medical Society

RI Neurologic Society
Kara Stavros, MD​

RI Neurosurgical Society
Stephen C. Saris, MD​

RI Society of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgeons
Martin R. Papazian, MD​

RI Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons

Richard G. Bryan, MD, PhD

American College of Emergency Physicians, RI Chapter
Dina Himelfarb, MD​

RI Gastroenterology Society

Alyn L. Adrain, MD

For a detailed review of our leadership and committee members, please see the Busy Physicians' Guide to the Rhode Island Medical Society.

RI Society of Allergy

Russell A. Settipane, MD

American College of Surgeons/Providence Surgical Society

​Marlene Cutitar, MD

Board of Directors

Resident & Fellow Representatives

Scott Pasicoow, MD

Fatima Zeba, MD

Providence Medical Association

Patrick J. Sweeney, MD, PhD, MPH

RI Society of Anesthesiologists

Herb Chen, MD

Constituent Societies of RIMS

The Societies listed below were first chartered by the Society in 1904 to represent their members in the RIMS House of Delegates.

  • Bristol County Medical Society (founded 1946)
  • Kent County Medical Society (founded 1904)
  • Newport County Medical Society (founded 1882)
  • Pawtucket Medical Association (founded 1895)
  • Providence Medical Association (founded 1848)
  • Washington County Medical Society (founded 1884)
  • Woonsocket District Medical Society (founded 1904)

Rhode Island Medical Society Council
​​Rhode Island Medical Society Council membership is comprised of:

  • RIMS Officers
  • Councilors-at-Large
  • Adjunct Councilors 
  • AMA Delegation 
  • Three most recent RIMS Past-Presidents
  • One representative from each of 29 county, district and medical specialty societies
  • Chair, RIMS Public Laws Committee
  • Chair, Rhode Island Medical Political Action Committee
  • President, RIMS Insurance Brokerage Corporation
  • Board Chair, HealthCentric Advisors
  • Two Residents/Fellows
  • Three Medical Students

Historical note
From June 1904 to May 1997, the House Delegates was the supreme governing body of RIMS. In 1997, RIMS became the second state medical society to eliminate its House of Delegates.

Committees of the Rhode Island Medical Society

  • ​Committee for Continuing Medical Education
  • Investment
  • Maternal Health*
  • Mediation*
  • Medical Review Advisory Committee
  • Medical Services Committee
  • Membership
  • Physician Competence*
  • Physician Health*
  • Public Laws Committee
  • Rhode Island Medical Political Action Committee

 * a peer review committee

Interested in becoming involved in one of the RIMS Committees? Contact us today!

RI Urological Society
Andrew J. Tompkins, MD

RI Academy of Family Physicians

Keith L. Callahan, MD

American Academy of Pediatrics, RI Chapter

Susan Duffy, MD