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RIMS’ program of Sponsorships provides value to RIMS members by enhancing the advantages and rewards of membership while keeping members’ dues affordable. RIMS’ Sponsorships save members time and money while augmenting the resources available to RIMS for the pursuit of its mission in the service of members. Please see our Sponsor Services for Members page for more information about this opportunity. 

Can you imagine what would happen if RIMS was not here to represent physicians?”

Elaine Jones, MD, neurology

RIMS is a vehicle of support for local physicians, which we prove through our advocacy, professionalism, and drive for the advancement of health care. We are a
Society that is run by and for doctors, and at 204 years old we remain a ready vehicle for effective leadership in the practice of medicine.

We challenge you as a doctor, and therefore a community leader, to join us in our efforts to improve public health and the advancement of the profession of medicine.


RIMS supports physicians in their efforts to serve patients, succeed in their medical practices, realize their professional potential and achieve their personal goals. RIMS can provide answers, identify resources, facilitate contacts, or otherwise help individual physicians get prompt attention to a variety of problems.

RIMS works daily on behalf of all physicians to advocate for fair treatment and sound policies in all branches of state and federal government, with the insurance industry, the media, and the community at large. RIMS Advocacy

Through its own structures as well as through its appointive authority to numerous boards, commissions, advisory panels and other bodies, RIMS offers many opportunities to lead and to serve the profession and the community locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. RIMS Governance

RIMS maintains the largest and most comprehensive physician referral database in the state and responds to hundreds of inquiries from the public each year. Only RIMS members are included in our referral database.

Continuing Medical Education

RIMS is recognized by the American Council for Continuing Medical Education as the accrediting agency in Rhode Island for hospital CME programs. RIMS CME

Benevolence Fund

A special fund within the RIMS Foundation is available for the assistance of members who find themselves in special need. RIMS Member-only Funds

It is better to have a seat at the table than to be on the menu.

Diane Siedlecki, MD, internal medicine

Sponsor Services for Members

RIMS Member Advantages

Membership Committee Co-Chairs

Member Publications and Library Access

Brown University Library Privileges

Members and employees of RIMS are entitled to borrowing privileges at Brown University libraries, the result of a 1987 agreement under which RIMS gifted its medical library to Brown.

Rhode Island Medical Journal
For more than 150 years, RIMS has published a journal for physicians in RI. Our independent, peer-reviewed Journal features original medical articles, commentary, and reports on newsmakers and issues shaping medicine and health care in the state.

​Rhode Island Medical News
RIMS' newsletter informs members on government, insurer, practice, and regulatory issues, RIMS' advocacy activities and sponsored events.

Directory of Members
Published annually, RIMS' directory of members serves as a referral guide, provides contact information and specialty designations.​

About the RIMS Membership Committee

The RIMS Membership Committee meets quarterly. It includes representatives from various specialties and areas of the state who represent the medical student, resident, actively practicing,and retired physician. If you have questions or would like to become involved, please contact Marc Bialek