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Founded in 1978, the Physician Health Committee is a standing peer review committee of the Rhode Island Medical Society. The Committee provides ongoing oversight to program staff responding to physician health issues, such as medical illnesses (for example, neurological disorders), substance use and psychiatric disorders, as well as coping with stress and burnout.  We also evaluate for possible underlying health issues which may be contributing to identified disruptive or ethical behaviors.

The Physician Health Program is supported by a fund within the Rhode Island Medical Society Foundation which receives annual donations in support of the program.  A list of contributors can be found in the Annual Report of the Physician Health Program.​

In addition, the Physician Health Program’s director and Committee Chairperson serve in an advisory capacity to the Student Health Council of the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. The Student Health Council, which is supported by the RIMS Foundation, advocates for students seeking help and works in a confidential and effective manner.

Concerned about the well-being of a doctor?

About the Physician Health Program

Physician Health Program

2021-2022 Physician Health Committee Members

​Support for Healthcare Workers

​COVID-19 - SUPPORT of CLINICIANS DURING COVID-19 - more resources 

National Physician Support Line:  888-409-0141 (8:00 AM to 3:00 AM next day  EST)

Provides confidential peer-to-peer support for MD’s/DO’s on the frontlines of COVID-19, staffed by over 700 volunteer psychiatrists from across the country seven days per week.

ALL IN: Well Being First for Healthcare   Click here for informative website for healthcare workers.

The ALL IN: Well Being First for Healthcare is a call to action by #FirstRespondersFirst and The Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes’ Foundation as a coalition of leading healthcare organizations committed to taking responsibility for workforce well-being with a goal of promoting a cultural transformation toward systemic accountability.

How to Make a Referral to RIPHP

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Program Office
405 Promenade Street, Suite A
Providence RI 02908-4811 
Fax 401-273-4001

Kathleen Boyd, MSW, LICSW
Director, Physician Health Program 

Rita T. Towers, MSW, LCSW
Clinical Associate, Physician Health Program
401-443- 2389

The Rhode Island Medical Society’s Physician Health Program has helped hundreds of physicians, dentists, podiatrists and physician assistants address personal health issues that can sometimes compromise professional performance. As a peer review body, the Physician Health Program and its Committee have the strong protection of both Rhode Island and federal law for the confidentiality of its work.

Hannan Braun, MD Brown Addiction Medicine Fellow
Nicholas Califano, MD Rhode Island Hospital (retired)
Jason Conforti, DMD Rhode Island Dental Association
Raymond B. Cord, MHP, PA-C RI Academy of Physician Assistants
William Corwin, MD Miriam Hospital (retired)
Anne Cushing-Brescia, MD Coastal Medical
Suzanne DeLaMonte, MD, MPH Neuropathology/Lifespan
Tanuja Gandhi, MD Bradley Hospital
Robert Harrison, Jr. MD Westerly Hospital (retired)
Erin Hogan, MD Kent Hospital
Petro Karanasias, MD Miriam Hospital (retired)
Steve Karlin, MD Community Mental Health

Program Office and Staff

Common Warning Signs

The presence of the following signs can identify an individual whose health or performance may be impaired. Even if you are not certain a problem exists, it is important to contact the Physician Health Program for assistance.

Attitude/Behavior Changes

  • Rapidly turns from compassionate and caring to abrupt/caustic

  • Withdraws from friends and activities

  • Becomes mistrusting, anxious, depressed, irritable

Physical Changes

  • Loss of appetite or reduced level of exercise

  • Looks tired; admits to insomnia

  • Personal hygiene deteriorates

  • Physical problems are self-treated

Other Program Offices

Contact the Federation of State Physician Health Programs (FSPHP)

Performance Changes

  • Misses appointments

  • Makes rounds at unusual hours

  • Can’t be reached when on call

  • Sloppy charting

  • Smell of alcohol on breath during the day

Relationship Changes

  • Family communication deteriorates

  • Frequent arguments, spouse blamed

  • Occurrence of spouse, child abuse

  • Children may exhibit poor school performance

  • Jealousy, infidelity leading to separation, divorce

Martin Kerzer, DO (Vice-Chair) RI Society of Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons
Robert Lev, MD Roger Williams Medical Center (retired)
Laura Levine, MD Addiction Medicine/Lifespan
Sheldon Lidofsky, MD Rhode Island Hospital
Jenny McManus, MD, MPH Psychiatry Resident
Drew Nagle, MD Brown Medicine
Michael Neary, DPM RI Podiatric Medical Association
Herbert Rakatansky, MD (Chair) Miriam Hospital (retired)
David Stoll, MD (Vice-Chair) Landmark Medical Center
Meena Theva, MD Women & Infants Hospital
Aaron Way, DO South County Hospital
Cara Zimmerman, MD, MBA Brown Addiction Medicine Fellow