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Firearm Safety

Charity Golf Classic

Dr. Herbert Rakatansky Award

ASK Day Rhode Island Chair, Michael Migliori, MD with children at the Woonsocket's event.

Recipients of the Dr. Charles L. Hill Award

1981 Charles L. Hill, MD (posthumously)
1982 Francis B. Sargent, MD
1983 John A. Dillon, MD
1984 Henry T. Randall, MD
1985 Fiorindo A. Simeone, MD
1986 Milton W. Hamolsky, MD
1987 Americo A. Savastano, MD
1988 Herbert Rakatansky, MD
1989 Siebert Goldowsky, MD
1990 Frances P. Conklin, MD
1991 H. Denman Scott, MD
1992 Stanley Aronson, MD
1993 Paul J. M. Healey, MD
1994 Charles P. Shoemaker, Jr, MD
1995 Stanley H. Block, MD
1996 Richard G. Bertini, MD
1997 David S. Greer, MD
1998 Josiah Rich, MD
1999 (not awarded)
2000 Charles C.J. Carpenter, MD

Established in 1981, this award recognizes a RIMS member physician for leadership and service. Dr. Charles L. Hill, for whom the award is named, was president of the Medical Society 1979–1980.

Recipients of the Amos Throop Prize

2012  Geolani Dy, MD
2013  Solomon J. Adelsky, MD 
2014  Jordan Sack, MD
2015  Grayson Armstrong, MD

Chapin Orators have included:
1987  Robert Gallo, MD
           Co-discoverer of the AIDS virus

1992  Arnold Relman, MD (1985) and Jerome Kassirer, MD
           Editors, New England Journal of Medicine

1993  Walter Willett, MD, DPH

            Harvard School of Public Health
1995  Nancy Dickey, MD

           President, American Medical Association

1997  Jeffrey Cain, MD

           Denver, Colorado, founder of Tar Wars®

1999  Katherine Kaufer Christoffel, MD, MPH

           Children's Memorial Medical Center in Chicago,spoke on

​           "Public Health Approaches to Reducing Gun Injury and Death"​

The winner of the 2014 Tar Wars RI poster contest was Jaime Rampone from Lincoln Central Elementary School. She received an all-expenses paid trip for her and her family to travel this summer to the National Tar Wars poster competition in Washington, DC.

Dr. Stanley M. Aronson Award

Dr. Charles L. Hill Award

The Rhode Island Medical Society and the Rhode Island Medical Political Action Committee (RIMPAC) offer a half-day course on how doctors can affect health care policy at the state and national level. Through instruction on the process of how an idea becomes a law in Rhode Island, attendees learn to be able to anticipate and exploit opportunities for citizen intervention in the healthcare policy-making process, as measured by the completion of an advocacy letter and/or personal advocacy visit to an elected official. NORCAL, the ACCME-accredited mutual insurance company, provides CME credit for participants in this seminar.​

Recipients of the Dr. Stanley M. Aronson Award

2015  Herbert Rakantansky, MD

The Dr. John Clarke Award of the Rhode Island Medical Society was established in 2014 and is given to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to public life through outstanding civic leadership and service.

[L–R] RIMS Executive Director Newell E. Warde, PhD, with 2015 Throop Prize recipient Grayson Armstrong, MD; 2015 Rakatansky Prize recipientCatherine Paniszyn, MD; and RIMS Physician Health Program Chair Herbert Rakatansky, MD

The Dr. Herbert Rakatansky Award was established by vote of the Council in 2008 to recognize individuals who have distinguished themselves through exemplary professionalism and/or humanitarian service in the field of medicine. The first recipient was Herbert Rakatansky, MD, on September 27, 2008.

Herbert Rakantansky, MD received the first 2015 Dr. Stanley M. Aronson Award.

Getting (More) Involved 101

ASK (Asking Saves Kids) Campaign
ASK Day is part of a public awareness campaign working to keep kids safe from injuries involving firearms. Michael E. Migliori, MD, a past president of RIMS, chaired this event, usually held in summer when children are likely to spend time visiting friends' homes. Parents are reminded: Ask if there is a gun where your child plays.

​National ASK Day is sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The ASK campaign has already prevented countless tragedies by reaching over two million households.

Other initiatives
RIMS, with the is support by the RIMS Foundation, works with state and local police departments, and the SAFEKIDS Coalition to acquire and distribute trigger locks and educational materials, including materials developed by the American Medical Association to help physicians talk to patients about firearm safety.

ABCs of gun safety for children

Chapin Oration

Tar Wars® Anti-tobacco Education

Mini-Internships for Community Leaders

Campaign School

Recipients of the Dr. Herbert Rakatansky Award

2008  Herbert Rakatansky, MD
2009  Edwin N. Forman, MD
2010  Caroline Troise, MD
2011  Pablo Rodriguez, MD
2012  Joseph D. DiMase, MD
          Patrick J. Sweeney, MD, PhD, MPH
2013  Stanley M. Aronson, MD
2014  Milton Hamolsky, MD (posthumous) 
2015  Charles B. "Bud" Kahn, MD

​2016  Josiah D. Rich, MD, MPH

2017  Michael E. Migliori, MD

Health Information Technology Fair

From 1993 to 2009, RIMS sponsored an annual golf tournament as a fundraiser for the RIMS Foundation and a social occasion for members. This popular fundraiser was successfully chaired by Charles "Bud" Kahn, MD since its inception. Proceeds from the tournament supported RIMS Foundation programs including Tar Wars, Annual ASK Day, and othercharitable, educational and scientific activities.​

From 1993 through 2014, the Rhode Island Academy of Family Physicians, the Rhode Island Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Rhode Island Medical Society cooperated to bring the national Tar Wars® anti-smoking educational program to fifth-graders in Rhode Island.

​Physician Volunteers
Each year, roughly 70 RIMS members volunteered their time to go into as many as 51 middle schools throughout Rhode Island, where they involved up to 3500 pupils in the program. TarWars® teaches critical thinking about tobacco advertising, how to make informed choices and resist peer pressure.

Annual Poster Contest
Winners of school-based poster competitions participate in a state-wide poster contest in the spring.

TarWars® is now sponsored by the RI Academy of Family Physicians.
To volunteer, contact Karen Dalton: or 401-647-3595.

Rhode Island Tar Wars® received support from the Rhode island Medical Society Foundation.

The Dr. Stanley M. Aronson Award of the Rhode Island Medical Society was established in 2015 and is given for Humanitarianism in Medicine, in recognition of a career and calling that embody Dr. Aronson's dictum that medicine is at once the most scientific of the humanities and the most humanistic of the sciences.

2001 Vincent R. Hunt, MD
2002 David P. Carter, MD
2003 Louis A. Leone, MD; Charles Kuhn, MD
2004 Arun K. Singh, MD
2005 Raymon S. Riley, MD
2006 Arthur A. Bert, MD; Brandon H. Krupp, MD
2007 Kathleen C. Hittner, MD
2008 Alvin Fischer, MD; Kenneth Mayer, MD;    

         Physicians for Human Rights
2009 Michael E. Migliori, MD, FACS
2010 David Ettensohn, MD
2011  Arthur A. Frazzano, MD
2012 Charles J. McDonald, MD
2013 Joseph H. Friedman, MD 
2014 Yul Ejnes, MD 
2015 Peter A. Hollmann, MD 

2016 Sundaresan T. Sambandam, MD

2017 Jerry Fingerut, MD

From 1997 through 2014, individual members of the Rhode Island Medical Society made special donations to a fund for the purchase hundreds of bicycle helmets.

​Through a cooperative arrangement with the Rhode Island Department of Human Services, vouchers for the helmets were distributed to RIteCare families.

Each spring, RIMS volunteers distributed the helmets along with bike safety coloring books, reflective spoke sliders and other items donated by the RIMS Foundation.

Thousands of helmets were given away.

The program was supported in part by the Rhode Island Medical Society Foundation.

To commemorate the bicentennial, and to acknowledge the valuable contribution medical students make by volunteering their time and energy, RIMS has established two annual prizes for deserving graduates of the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. The inaugural presentation of these awards was held on May 25, 2012.The Dr. Stanley M. Aronson Award of the Rhode Island Medical Society was established in 2015 and is given for Humanitarianism in Medicine, in recognition of a career and calling that embody Dr. Aronson's dictum that medicine is at once the most scientific of the humanities and the most humanistic of the sciences.

​The Amos Throop Prize, named for RIMS' first president, is presented to medical students who have demonstrated interest, aptitude and engagement in public policy relating to health care and in the role of organized medicine in advocating for patients.

​​The Herbert Rakatansky Prize is presented to medical students who have promoted the health and well-being of their fellow medical students, and is named for the founder and chair of RIMS' Physician Health Program.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse delivers the keynote for the RIMS and RIMPAC civics seminar for doctors.ASK Day Rhode Island Chair, Michael Migliori, MD with children at the Woonsocket's event.

The Medical Society periodically conducts two-day "mini-internship" programs for lay leaders in the community

by invitation. Interns shadow physicians as they go about their normal workday. Since the summer of 1991, the

Society has conducted 17 such programs involving nine hospitals, 68 preceptors, and 81 interns.

Each of the hospitals listed has hosted one or more Mini-Internship Programs arranged and sponsored by the

Rhode Island Medical Society.

Alumni of Rhode Island Medical Society Mini-internship Programs 
(through December 2000)
• Sandra Andaloro, vice president, ER Smith Associates
• M.J. Andersen, editorial writer, Providence Journal-Bulletin
• Robert Anderson, director of RIMS IBC
• Elaine Bartro, CEO, Visiting Nurses Service
• Norman Baxter, executive director, RI Medical Society*
• The Honorable Roger Begin, lieutenant governor
• The Honorable Nancy Benoit, Chair, RI Dept. of Health, Education & Welfare
• Sherman Berger, public member, Board of Medical Licensure & Discipline
• Larry Berman, assistant managing editor, Woonsocket Call, press secretary for 
• Congressman Patrick Kennedy
• The Honorable Kenneth Bianchi, town administrator, N. Smithfield
• F. Richard Burdett, executive director, RI Business Group on Health
• Gina Cacchiotti, assistant to Congressman Ronald Machtley
• Margie Coloian, director of communications, RI Medical Society
• Darlene Crist, account executive, Duffy and Shanley*
• Nikki Deary, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, Dept. of Health
• Steven DeToy, director of government relations, RI Medical Society
• Susan Fine, policy director, Governor's office
• Alan Flink, Esq., president, Rhode Island Bar Association
• The Honorable Michael Forte, vice chair, Senate Judiciary*
• Felice Freyer, medical reporter, Providence Journal-Bulletin
• Bishop Louis Gelineau, Diocese of Providence
• Mary Geoffrey, health benefits adviser, Newport Naval Hospital
• Maureen Glynn, Esq., Assistant Attorney General
• Jack Grant, vice president, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of RI
• Rabbi Leslie Gutterman, LL.D.
• The Honorable Sandra Hanaway, Chair, Senate HEW
• Raymond Harrison, aide to House Speaker Matthew Smith*
• John Howell, publisher, Warwick Beacon
• William J. Hunt, member, Board of Trustees, Memorial Hospital of RI
• The Honorable William Irons
• Mary Jo Orsinger, paralegal, Orsinger & Nardone
• The Honorable Brian P. Kennedy
• Virginia Kenney, consultant to Kenney Manufacturing
• Keith Kimberlin, staff reporter, Westerly Sun
• Elliot Krieger, editor, Providence Sunday Journal Magazine
• Matthew J. Laliberte, Senior Claims Investigator, NORCAL
• Nancy Langrall, policy director, Cong. Jack Reed's office
• Joseph LaPlume, president of Pier Bank
• The Honorable Sal Mancini, mayor of North • Providence
• Carol J. Manglass, Norcal Mutual Insurance Co.
• Todd Manglass, Norcal Mutual Insurance Co.
• Jason Martesian, Director, Government Affairs, Northern R I. Chamber of Commerce
• Genevieve M. Martin, Esq., Special Assistant Attorney General
• Craig May, senior public information officer, AMA
• Nancy Mayer, legal counsel, RI Dept. of Business Regulation, RI General Treasurer
• Bruce McIntyre, Esq., Board of Medical Licensure & Discipline
• Sister Sheila Megley, provost exec. vice president, Salve Regina College
• Barbara Morse, WJAR-TV
• John Nazirian, President, Rhode Island College
• Lisa O'Neill, Medical Professional Liability Specialist, RIMS IBC
• Mark Patinkin, columnist, Providence Journal-Bulletin
• Calvin Pierson, president, Hospital Association of RI
• Barbara Polichetti, Providence Journal-Bulletin
• Max Powell, III, CEO, Ocean State Physicians Health Plan
• Peter Quattromani, Assistant Director of Policy, Office of the Governor
• Charles Read, Providence Business News
• Edwina Rego, Branch Administrator, RI Medical Society
• The Honorable John Revens, Senate majority leader*
• Pam Richter, Director, Strategic & Public Policy, Brown University
• Donald A. Roach, CEO, Kilburn Isotronics
• The Honorable Elizabeth Roberts, public member, Board of Medical Licensure & Discipline, state senator
• Stephen Rooks, personnel manager, Vargas Manufacturing
• Keith Stokes, senior analyst, Governor Sundlun
• William Sweeney, executive vice president, Hospital Association of Rhode Island*
• Rogeriee Thompson, associate justice, Providence District Court
• Ernest C. Torres, justice, US District Court for Rhode Island
• Brad Voelz, vice president, CVS
• The Honorable Mary Lou Walter, member, House HEW*
• Newell Warde, executive director, RI Medical Society
• William Waters, PhD, assistant director, Health Policy, RI Dept. of Health*
• Sheldon Whitehouse, US Attorney, RI Attorney General
• Frederick Wilson, publisher of Narragansett Times
• The Honorable Myrth York, chair, Senate HEW
• The Honorable George Zainyeh, vice chair, House HEW

*In January 1986, these interns participated in a one and one-half day program called "In vivo," which was held at Pawtucket Memorial Hospital.

• Kent County Memorial Hospital 
• Landmark Medical Center 
• Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island, 
• Newport Hospital 
• Rhode Island Hospital 
• Roger Williams Medical Center 
• St. Joseph Health Services (Fatima unit) 
• South County Hospital 
• The Miriam Hospital 
• Westerly Hospital 
• Women & Infants Hospital

In 2005, RIMS’ held its first Health Information Technology Fair to provide the opportunity for Rhode Island physicians and medical office staff members to learn about the latest developments and opportunities in the fast-changing world of HIT, with knowledgeable speakers and vendors, all in one place. The Fair was a cooperative venture among Health Centric Advisors, the Women & Infants PHO, and the Rhode Island Medical Society.​

Recipients of the Herbert Rakatansky Prize

2012  Wei Song, MD
2013  Alexandra Regenbogen, MD 
2014  Janopaul-Naylor, MD
2015  Catherine Paniszyn, MD

Bike Helmet Distribution

Dr. John Clarke Award

RIMS Campaign school supports physicians’ political activism through its day-long course “Getting Elected 101,” first offered in November 2003. The profession and the public are well served when physicians and other health care professionals bring their values and their experience to the process of making public policy. One physician in the General Assembly would be in an influential position to exercise leadership and serve as a resource for other members of the legislature on issues relating to health care and medical economics.

Recipients of the Dr. John Clarke Award

2014  Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Roberts
2015  US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

2016  Senator Christopher Ottiano, MD

2017  Kathleen C. Hittner, MD

Volunteers and participants at the 2014 helmet distribution at the Mary Fogarty School in Providence.

Awards & Programs

Charles B. "Bud" Kahn, MD received the 2015 Dr. Rakatansky Award 

Established in 1942, this annual lecture is named in honor of RIMS Past-President Charles V. Chapin, MD (1856–1941), who was Superintendent of Health for the City of Providence from 1884 until 1932 and a pioneer in epidemiology and public health.

Since 1943, the City of Providence has awarded a medallion to each Chapin Orator.The Dr. Stanley M. Aronson Award of the Rhode Island Medical Society was established in 2015 and is given for Humanitarianism in Medicine, in recognition of a career and calling that embody Dr. Aronson's dictum that medicine is at once the most scientific of the humanities and the most humanistic of the sciences.

US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse received the 2015 Dr. John Clarke Award.
Charles Kahn, MD (second from right) at the 2007 Golf Classic at the Pawtucket Country Club.
Peter Hollmann, MD received the Charles L. Hill Award for 2015. The presentation was made at the annual meeting. Supporting health and welfare in the community since 1983.

 Medical Student Prizes