Board of Directors and Committees


Catherine Cummings, MD

Vice President

Jamieson Cohn, MD


Alexis Lawrence, MD

Immediate Past President

Christopher P. Zabbo, DO, FACEP


Achyut Kamat, MD, FACEP
Melanie J. Lippmann, MD, FACEP
Jessica Smith, MD, FACEP

Nadine T. Himelfarb, MD, FACEP

Alternate Councilors

L. Anthony Cirillo, MD, FACEP
Jason Hack, MD 
Michael Siclari, MD, FACEP

Resident Representatives

Courteney MacKuen, MD
Anil R. Tahiliani, DO

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Representatives

Jane Preotle, MD

RI Medical Society Council Representative 

Kenneth A. Williams, MD

RI Medicaid's Medical Care Advisory Committee Representative

Catherine Cummings, MD

Clinical Practice Guidelines
Tom Haronian, MD (Chair)

Political Action Committee

Otis Warren, MD (Chair)
L. Anthony Cirillo, MD, FACEP
Charles F. Pattavina, MD, FACEP
Kenneth Alan Williams, MD, FACEP

Legislative Affairs Committee

Anand Shah, MD (Vice Chair)
Jay Baruch, MD
Gary Bubly, MD, FACEP
Tony Cirillo, MD, FACEP
David McCann, MD 
Victor Pinkes, MD, FACEP
Michael Siclari, MD
Elizabeth Sutton, MD
Ken Williams, MD, FACEP

Education Committee

Kevin O'Connell, MD (Chair) 
Michelle Daniels, MD, FACEP (Vice Chair)
Nick Asselin, MD
Jamie Cohn, MD
Jeff Feden, MD
Peter Graves, MD 
Adam Levin, DO
Steve Rougas, MD
Anil Tahiliani, DO
Katy Welzbacher, DO

Toxicology Committee

Jason Hack, MD (Chair)

Reimbursement Committee

Matt Kopp, MD (Chair)

Rhode Island Chapter of the American College of Emergency Medicine

RI ACEP Mission

To serve the membership and specialty of emergency medicine in Rhode Island through:

• Legislative advocacy
• Continuing medical education opportunities
• Leadership development
• Representation with the Rhode Island Medical Society and other organizations
• Representation in state government agencies and initiatives
• Contact with insurers
• Reward and recognition
• Local networking opportunities
• Links to national ACEP

Chapter Executive
Marc Bialek

est. 1812