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About RISA

The Rhode Island Society of Anesthesiologists is an organization for licensed physicians in Rhode Island who are engaged in the practice of, or who are otherwise interested in anesthesiology. RISA works to raise the standards of the specialty by fostering and encouraging research and scientific progress in anesthesiology.

The Rhode Island Society of Anesthesiologists is a component society of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, is represented on the Council of the Rhode Island Medical Society, and represents the profession on various state regulatory agencies.


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Executive Committee


Sevak Stepanian, MD

Vice President

Christopher Malgieri, MD


Alexander Cohen, MD


Brenda Satterthwaite, MD

Immediate Past President
Tzong-Huei Herbert Chen, MD

ASA Director for RI 

Gildasio deOliveira, MD

Alternate Director for RI

Michelle Gorgone, MD

ASA Delegate

Christopher Malgieri, MD

ASA Legislative Chair 

Christopher Malgieri, MD

Resident Delegate/President of Resident Component

Patrick Van Kirk, MD

Resident Alternate Delegate 

Andrew Winegarner, MD

Rhode Island Society of Anesthesiologists