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RISEPS is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating fellow physicians in the latest medical advances in eye care, to promoting public awareness of issues surrounding proper eye health, and to advocating quality medical eye treatment before legislative and regulatory agencies.

Referral Directory

To assist members in providing their patients with the highest quality care, the Rhode Island Society of Eye Physician and Surgeons offers a membership directory, along with the American Academy of Ophthalmology guidelines for ophthalmologic eye examination referral.

If you would like a copy, call RISEPS at 401-331-1501.

RISEPS Informational Services

RISEPS is committed to being a responsive public resource for information regarding eye disease and disorders and progressive medical eye care. As a service to health care providers, health institutions, schools, community groups, and the general public, RISEPS provides a variety of instructional services including:

  • Referral hotline 401-331-1501
  • Speakers’ bureaus of ophthalmologists
  • Informational mailings
  • Educational literature 
  • Vision screening support to school nurses
  • Health fairs
  • Glaucoma screenings

Rhode Island Eye Injury Registry

RISEPS sponsors the Rhode Island Eye Injury Registry, a member of the United States Eye Injury Registry, a national coalition of state registries established to collect epidemiologic data on eye injuries in order to develop prevention strategies and to provide statistical information to public health organizations such as the Department of Health, Department of Labor, and Centers for Disease Control. The Rhode Island Eye Injury Registry relies on the cooperation of local physicians to contribute data by completing brief injury reports on patients they have treated. Please contact RISEPS to obtain injury report forms, or for more information regarding the Eye Injury Registry.


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Directory of Ophthalmologists and Referral Guide [PDF]

Rhode Island Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons

Executive Committee


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Salvatore Loporchio, MD

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Public Laws

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Public Affairs

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Third Party Liaison Committee 

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Philip R. Rizzuto, MD