est. 1812

Board of Directors


Andrew Tompkins, MD


Angelo Cambio, MD


Dragan Golijanin, MD

Immediate Past President
Joseph Renzulli, II, MD

Second Past President

Gyan Pareek, MD

RIMS Representative

Andrew Tompkins, MD

New England AUA Representative

Gyan Pareek, MD

RIUS Purposes

To advance the theory and practice of Urology and the allied arts and sciences.

To promote cooperation among Urologists and among other physicians of different areas of expertise.

To provide a better understanding of Urology and the services that Urologists can render to the public.

To promote post-graduate and continuing education in Urology.

To encourage basic and clinical research in Urology.

To contribute solving socio-economic problems concerning Urological practice.


Ali Walz


Rhode Island Urological Society